●   Disaster Management in the Philippines (In Press)

●   Rapid Situational Analysis on Child Domestic Work (In Press)

●   Qualitative Research on Employment Arrangements, Practices and Working                   Conditions in Domestic Work in the Philippines (In Press)

●   Towards an ASEAN Parliament: Challenges and Prospects (2018)

●   Population Ageing in the Philippines: Issues and Challenges (2017)

●   Democratic Deficits in the Philippines: What is to be done? (2010)

●   Towards Bureaucratic Reform: Issues and Challenges (2004)

●   History of Electoral Reforms in the Philippines: Pre-Spanish to 1998 (1998)

●   Selected Election Cases in the Philippines: From the Supreme Court and Electoral       Tribunals (1998)

●   Elections in the Philippines from Pre-colonial Period to the Present (1996)

●   The Philippines in ASEAN: An Assessment of 27 Years of Cooperation in Selected            Functional Areas (1996)

●   Political Parties in the Philippines from 1900 to the Present (1996)

●   Chronicle of the 1998 Elections in the Philippines (1996)

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